Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Sounds of Silence

The more observant amongst you, my gentle readers, will have noticed that I haven't posted in nearly a month. (It's okay if you didn't notice, really...)

I just wanted to pop in to explain what's going on with me, and what's not.

First, I'm not giving up the blog. (Sighs of relief all around. Thanks.)

Second, the lack of posts was quite deliberate, and not related to having no material to post. In fact, I have two posts already written but not posted in my notebook right now.

They're going to stay that way until September, because I've decided that I need to take a short sabbatical.

You may have noticed that I was bouncing around for a while in the Spring. I noticed it too, and what was happening in the blog was nothing compared to what was happening in my life. I'm at a crossroads right now, and I'm not sure which of the many branches before me I need to take. And it's painfully obvious that I can't take them all.

So I decided to take a break, and just think for a while instead of do. So I started cutting out things that were distracting me from thinking, and the internet was the first thing to go. Right now, except for this blog posts, I've cut my internet usage down to banking, email, and occasionally reading those blogs to which I subscribe.

No Absolute Write. No Stumbling. No blogging.

Just time outside, and time thinking.

And so far, I'm happy to report, it's working. I'm beginning to get some clarity about my direction, and I've actually started working on my fiction again.

I have just over a month to go with my self-imposed internet exile, after which I'll be back. See you then!

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