Monday, May 2, 2011

The One Thing You Shouldn't Forget

My son and his boyfriend moved into their first very own apartment yesterday. They had the mattress for the bed stored at my place for a number of months, along with various and sundry other essentials like the dishes, kitchen utinsils, table and chairs, lamps, and so forth.

Wednesday, we boogied on down to the end-of-the-month half-price sale at the Re-Store, and they bought a couch and armchair.

Saturday, they went to Ikea and bought the bed frame.

They thought they were ready to move in.

They did move in.

Today, they had to go shopping again, early in the day. Because they forgot something.

You see, you can survive in a new apartment without a bed or blankets, as long as you have a floor. You can live without food in the fridge or dishes in the cupboard--that's what Pizza Pizza is for. You can even (if you're male at least) survive for a few days with no clean clothes and no soap.

But don't, don't, don't forget the toilet paper!

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