Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An Alien Conspiracy

This weekend my mom and dad were visiting, and a friend of Ally's came over to visit. After a few minutes in A's company, my dad said to me, "Is it my imagination, or is she nuts too?"

That statement got me thinking. Ally has three very close friends of long standing, for twenty-somethings, that is. J and Ally have been best friends since the age of ten, and A and M apparently went through grade school together. The two pairs met and bonded in the first year of high school. They're all four of them somewhat geeky, musical and very insane. They start to get the jitters if they're separated for too long, and they get outright depressed and bitchy if the separation is longer than a week or so.

Whence the origin of these four girls?

The only explanation I can come up with is that an alien scientist took a fertilized alien egg and divided it into four semi-separate parts, which were then implanted in the wombs of four unrelated and unsuspecting human victims.

The girls find this conspiracy theory amusing, and admit that it has merit. However, J not so innocently noted that I have far too much knowledge of the plot to have been ignorant of its presence.

However it turns out, I think I've proven that aliens exist and are using humans as guinea pigs...

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